Manager-Audits & Assurance

Department: Process Excellence
Location: Dubai


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The Process Excellence department manages the Quality, Safety (Aviation), Occupational Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) functions in the organization and is focused on developing the global standards for Jetex operations, in compliance with international standards, airport authority/ external stakeholder requirements and other applicable regional and local compliance requirements. Further, the Process Excellence team works with each business unit/ country of operations to integrate such standards/ best practices, and develop, implement, and continually improve policies and procedures.

The team manages the below with respect to the QHSE function:

  • Development of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in collaboration with the respective business owners (Business Units/ FBOs)
  • Development standardization and monitoring of the Jetex FBOs Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Certifications including the ISO Integrated Management System (9001, 14001, 45001), ISBAH, Carbon footprint calculation/ certification.
  • Audit program, including Internal audits, External audits (Stakeholder and Clients) and Supplier Assessments
  • Incident Management and Investigations
  • Training under the scope of the QHSE function
  • Performance measurement, including the establishment and monitoring of the QHSE performance indicators for the business functions


The Manager - Audits & Assurance is responsible for managing the operational audit and risk-based assurance framework for the organization, inclusive of the Jetex business units and FBO network. The audit framework shall be defined to include both- internal and external audits, as well as 3rd party supplier/ service provider assessments. The role is also responsible for developing and maintaining the organizational risk register, with the objective of maintaining the organizational risk from operations at an ALARP (As low as reasonably practicable) level.



  • Create an annual budget for the audit and assurance program, based on the planned annual audit cycle for the organization.
  • Ensure effective utilization of the budget and control of allocated resources


  • Manage the internal audit framework, ensuring ongoing compliance to the established audit cycle. All documentary evidence and records for each such audit activity shall be maintained in an integrated management system
  • Maintain an integrated knowledge base of the audits conducted by external stakeholders, including (but not limited to) Clients, Airport Authorities, and  Certification Audits
  • Establish the annual audit plan, encompassing both- internal and external (certification) audits under the scope of each business units and the Jetex FBO network
  • Manage the pool of cross-functional internal auditors, including the allocation of appropriate resources for each audit
  • Define the audit criteria, in compliance with the applicable international standards, regulations, requirements and established operational procedures
  • Work in liaison with the business units/ FBOs to ensure that any audit findings, observations and opportunities for improvement from the audit & assurance program are recorded and followed through to closure.

Supplier Assessments

  • Work in liaison with cross-functional teams to establish the audit and assessment criteria for the 3rd party suppliers and service providers for the FBO network and global business units (Fuel, Flight Support, Travel, Premier Experience). The criteria shall consider the applicable international/ regional/ local standards, regulations, and requirements.
  • Establish a network of cross functional/ regional teams to facilitate the on-site audit program for 3rd party suppliers/ service providers across regions


  • Keep abreast with the changes in the international standards (Such as IATA, ICAO, ISBAH, ISO IMS) and regulations under which the respective business units operate. Integrate such requirements into the operational audits, assessments and risk management framework, in liaison with the respective internal stakeholders.
  • Compliance monitoring framework with respect to the international standards and requirements from the Jetex business units and FBO network
  • Client requirements-Establish the procedure and methodology for client requirements, as documented in their respective manuals, to be integrated within Jetex operations across business units and the FBO network. This includes any ground handling and emergency procedures.
  • Work in liaison with the Jetex business units and FBO network to establish the risk register for the organization. Maintain oversight on the overall risk profile of the organization, to ensure that risk is maintained at an ALARP (As low as reasonably practicable) level.
  • Provide recommendations for improvement of the organizational procedures and compliance related requirements.
Compliance-related duties:
  • Adhere to the documented procedures of the organization or department and retain documented evidence related to the performance of their role.
  • The employee is expected to exercise their duty of care and must be aware of their health and safety responsibilities, accountability, and authority; and shall comply with the policies and procedures outlined by the organization

  • Bachelor degree in business administration or Operations
  • Aviation Safety Management (IATA or ICAO)
  • IS-BAH (International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling) certification.
  • ISO Lead Auditor certification.
  • 10+ years experience in Aviation, including demonstrable experience in managing an audit and assurance program
  • Knowledge of aviation industry standards and regulations.
  • Understanding of ISO internal management systems.
  • Strong knowledge of internal and external auditing requirements and procedures.
  • Strong knowledge of ground handling operations
  • Aviation Safety Management (IATA or ICAO)
  • IS-BAH (International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling) certification.
  • ISO Lead Auditor certification.