FBO Manager

Department: AZI Operations
Location: Abu Dhabi


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The Operations department at JETEX is responsible for crew scheduling, ramp operation, dispatch, safety and record-keeping.  The department plays a crtical role in ensuring that flights are operated in accordance with regulation and company policies. 


The FBO Manager is responsible for ensuring that all flight support operations can be financed and carried out to the standard required by legal and company requirements. This person is also responsible for maintaining safety and quality standards, scheduling of staff, customer service and coordinating with local authorities.


  • Oversee day-to-day management of all FBO operations.
  • Develop and implement strategy for all FBO operations.
  • Plan and schedule operations for upcoming months, events and VIP guests. Accordingly allocate staff and resources for these operations.
  • Enforce security and safety procedures in the FBO and on the ramp as per requirements.
  • Liaising with senior management for approvals on financial expenses for the FBO, budgeting, forecasting and expense management.
  • Liaising with senior management, third party providers, local authorities and customers to provide final authorization for flights.
  • Coordinate with Quality and Safety Manager on formalizing, updating and implementing the Quality Policy Statement and Quality System.
  • Coordinate with Ramp Manager on supervising ramp staff, ensuring safety and procedures.
  • Conduct investigations of incidents in line with ICAO, IATA and ISBAH regulations and procedures.
  • Promote safety and quality through daily observation, shift briefings and documented safety procedures.
  • Conduct monthly safety meetings and routine operation-related audits.
  • Understand the market and create new opportunities by developing and maintaining relationships with local airports and regulators.
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers to promote the FBO and obtain customer feedback to improve capabilities and processes.
  • Encourage employee involvement and suggestions in the improvement and growth of the FBO, its people and its processes.
  • Perform ramp activities and ground handling procedures, when required due to shortage of staff. 
Internal Managment Duties:

  • Conduct analysis related to pricing, selling points and product offerings.
  • Hire, train and evaluate Operations staff. Also ensure timely training and performance reviews for the staff.
  • Ensure operational efficiency through effective management of resources and minimizing costs.
  • Report to senior management on high priority incidents, department performance, budget reviews and any urgent approvals.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Line Manager.

Compliance-related duties:

  • Monitor updates on regulations and procedures from federal and global authorities like ICAO, IATA, ISBAH, etc.
  • Ensure that the department's procedures are consistently documented, and relevant evidence is retained.
  • Adhere to the documented procedures of the organization or department and retain documented evidence related to the performance of their role.
  • The employee is expected to exercise their duty of care and must be aware of their health and safety responsibilities, accountability and authority; and shall comply with the policies and procedures outlined by the organization.



  • Bachelor's Degree in any Aviation related.
  • MBA in aviation business is preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of all legal and compliance requirements in federal aviation laws, airport   procedures and requirements.


  • Miniimum 10 years of experience in flight support operations, ground handling and leading   departments
  • Fluent in English (written/verbal)
  • IT skills (MS Office and CRM)
  • Extensive knowledge in aviation operations, flight operations and aviation regulations
  • Aviation and operational risk management
  • Strong knowledge of the latest safety requirements and procedure
  • Strong awareness of aviation concepts and terminology