Flight Manager

Department: Jetex US
Location: United States of America

Flight Manager Job Description

  • Monitor progress and ensure services are correctly requested and delivered
  • Supervise flight operations processes to provide operational efficiency
  • Execute and oversee: First requests from new customers + important and short notice requests of all customers.
  • Provide team support during over-load periods
  • Assist in coordinating day-to-day flight operations in accordance with all regulations and requirements.
  • Brief crews/customers on all aspects of flights.
  • Coordinate international flight planning activities.
  • Ensure customers are always updated about status of their requested services and actual flights.
  • Ensure designated checklists are properly done and completed for each arrival and departure (please refer to GTM checklist)
  • Coordinate with ops teams and Flight Status Team in case of flight delay/revision/cancellation
  • Coordinate with Dispatch, TravelEX, and FuelEX to deliver one and final brief to crews/customers.
  • Report to Ops Manager/Procurement/Accounts/AM/BDM/Client Relations in case of service failure or major delay
  • Assist Ops Manager/Duty Manager with service reports, when necessary
  • Communicate with employees and management in a clear and concise manner
  • Manage customer accounts from operations-side (communications, feedback and activity monitoring)
  • Prepare detailed monthly customer management reports
  • Other tasks in line with job scope as instructed by Reporting Manager